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Merging Pokémon with George Stubbs

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Inspired by George Stubbs' painting Red Deer Stag and Hind 1792 I created a woodland landscape for these animals by painting tree shapes onto a map. I have used a semi-opaque technique which allows the colours and details of the map to remain visible as part of the painting. For the sky I have obliterated the map with thick blue paint which also helps to delineate the trees and to suggest a horizon and fields in the distance. I have painted the stag to look like the Pokémon Sawsbuck in his Spring mode, with pink flowers budding in his antlers. The hind is painted to look like the Deerling Pokémon in her Autumn outfit as those colours work best with the composition. The idea is to make the Pokémon deer look more lifelike, as if they really are wandering around in our woodlands.

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