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My working practice has consistently operated within the realm of appropriation and collage, combining the ready-made or found object with reworked images borrowed from the wide array available within our cultural landscape. These combinations have been made to intrigue or amuse and to provide a light-hearted commentary on our 20th century experience.

More recently the transfer of imagery via the medium of paint had started to outweigh the significance of the object to which it was being applied. That is to say, that the painting process has become more vital to the production than the concept. My new body of work has been freed from these self-imposed constraints, whilst retaining key elements of the by now ubiquitous presence of appropriation.

I now manufacture the ground for my paintings with a layer of collage, which to varying degrees of representation, will function as 2D landscape. I then populate this environment with imagery derived from the margins of medieval manuscripts, alongside characters from animated films, games and TV.

Some of these characters later reappear, together with new ones, in subsequent works, so that in series these pictures could be read as disjointed stills from a film sequence.

Narrative is not important, although the possibility of it is. My paintings might proclaim to tell a story, but resist the formation of any clear meaning. What is important is that those creatures inhabiting the picture plane appear to co-exist in time and space despite their disparate origins.


2020  Art Drop 19, Oriel Canfas, Cardigan.

2020  Art Drop 19,  Powerhouse, Llanysul.

2018  Educating Arty, Henry Thomas Gallery, Carmarthen School of Art.

2017  ARTiculate, Welsh Quilt Centre, Lampeter.

2016  Through Time, Ysgol y Dderi, Llangybi, Lampeter.

2015  QaRt Digital Art Trail, Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen.

2014  Helen Duffee & Co. Rhiannon Centre, Tregaron.

2011  Artist Friends Exhibition, Washington Gallery, Penarth.

2010  Narberth Food Festival, Queen’s Hall, Narberth.

2009  Christmas Show, Washington Gallery, Penarth.

2009  Art & Utility, Henry Thomas Gallery, Carmarthen School of Art.

2009  Environmental Art, Ffynnonbedr Primary School, Lampeter.

2008  Solo Show. Oriel Fach, Queens Hall, Narberth.

2007  Celf Cymraeg BA, Oriel Washington Gallery, Penarth.

2006  National Eisteddfod Visual Arts Exhibition, Swansea.

2006  Lines and Strata, Contemporary Welsh Drawing, Oriel Mwldan,


2006  Degree show, Carmarthen School of Art.

2005  Henry Thomas Gallery, Carmarthen School of Art.

2004  New Generations, Foyer Galleries, St. David’s Hall, Cardiff.

2004  Steve Hamil Award Show, Llanelli Library.




2017/2018  ACW Lead Creative Schools Project.

2012-2020  Environmental Officer, Ysgol y Dderi, Ceredigion CC

2006-2011  Community Focused Schools, Ceredigion CC

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